Setting DNS Lookups in the Clip Editor

How to

  1. To override DNS lookup at the clip-level, first open the composition in the Composition Editor.
  2. Open Properties for the selected clip and navigate to the target
  3. Select the Property Sets tab
  4. For a new override, click the green Plus icon (+) to add a row for the override (or you can modify an existing setting).
  5. Click the Etc (...) button in the row to modify it. When you do so, the Property Chooser box will appear.
  6. In the Property Chooser box, expand the clip to once again reveal its underlying target, and then select the first DNS setting to override. In most cases, you'll need to override the DNS Server, the DNS Max TTL, and the DNS Min TTL—the same settings that are found in the Target Editor > DNS Options section.
  7. Click OK to complete adding the override and return to the clip.
  8. Specify a value for the given clip-level system property override .
    • DNS Server
    Specify the host name or IP address of the DNS name server to use. If none is specified, then a public root name server will be used. Usually, you do not need to set this.
    • DNS Maximum TTL
    Specify the integer, in seconds, for the maximum time to live.
    • DNSMinTTL
    This sets the minimum amount of time that any DNS result will be cached. This setting can increase the amount of time that a result would normally be cached, if it is more than the TTL specified in an actual DNS result. If 0, then result cachi

  9. Save the test clip before continuing.