Renew Parallel Repeats in Containers in a Manually Timed Clip

Renew parallel repeats can be set on containers (e.g. Pages, Groups, or Chains) in manually timed test clips.

The icons for container repeats are shown below:

Repeats can be set via the clip surface for the given container by right clicking and selecting Add Repeat. Unlike renew parallel repeats in tracks or clips (in the Composition Editor), renew parallel repeats is set only using the Clip Editor lower panel container properties. To open these properties, select and double-click the container. When you do so, its properties tab opens in the lower panel display.

Whenever the container is set to Parallel Repeat with Renew Parallel Repeats checked (as shown above), then the container’s repeat icon reflects that state.

Script authors should note that index computations might be affected if the container’s repeat index is in use in the clip when this setting is applied.

If Fixed, serial is set, the Renew Parallel Repeats checkbox is inactive. This option doesn’t appear for non-fixed repeat types.