Repeats in List View

The Clip Editor, List view now displays repeats as a separate line-item in the list above the clip element that has the repeat. This replaces the Repeat column in prior releases.

Use Repeat By to specify a specific number of repeats for a given item. The Repeat By will appear above the item to which it is attached.

List view shows user-friendly paths for properties whenever they occur in List view. Property fields are shown in containers, as well as when a property is specified for a repeat (shown below).

Changing the Repeat Method drop-down shown above from Repeat By to Repeat By Property introduces the Property Chooser dialog box. When a repeat method that requires a property to be set is first selected, it will show as [not specified].

Use the Property Chooser to make a property selection from among existing properties or to define a new property.

View property detail info in popups via single-clicking in or hovering over the given item.

Additional repeat types include For Each.

As well as While.

The Continuous repeat setting found in early releases has been renamed Infinite.