Delete Options

Parameter Description
username=USERNAME CloudTest user name
password=PASSWORD CloudTest password
url=URL CloudTest URL to connect
httpproxyhost=SERVER HTTP proxy server name (optional)
httpproxyport=PORT HTTP proxy port (optional)
type=TYPE The type of repository object to delete. Valid types are: composition , messageclip , result , playlist , target , 'transition', monitor , monitordata , user , and tenant .
maxage=DAYS The maximum age as an integer, in days, of the item to delete.
name=NAME The name of the repository object to delete.

For example, to delete the composition named "/Load Tests/Comp 1":

scommand cmd=delete type=composition name="/Load Tests/Comp 1" username=bob \ password=secret url= http:// <CloudTest URL>/concerto

To delete all results older than 7 days:

scommand delete type=result maxage=7 username=bob \ password=secret url= http:// <CloudTest URL>/concerto