Page Resource Loading at the Clip Level

Page Resource Loading settings override the resource retrieval at the clip level, regardless of whether those settings use static or dynamic retrieval. In the Clip Editor, these Page Resource Settings are found in the Clip Editor > Properties tab > Page Resource Settings node (shown right).

Page Resource Loading settings are executed by the highest-level settings. So, for example, composition settings override track and clip settings, while track settings override settings for the clip(s) in the track, and clip settings override settings for pages in that clip only.

For this reason, it is necessary to remain aware of Page Resource Settings from the top level (compositions > tracks > clips > pages) when using overrides of dynamic resources, dynamic caches, and resource filtering. In general, configure from the page level up, and execute from the top level down.

Note: All Page Resource Settings available at the clip level are also present at the track and composition level. For both tracks and compositions, these settings appear in the Composition Editor > Properties > Page Resource Settings tab for a selected track or open composition. For more information, (see Page Resource Loading at the Composition Level or Page Resource Loading at the Track Level).