To add a Microsoft Azure application as a Cloud Provider Account using OAuth authentication

How to

  1. Open a new browser window without closing the current one and log into CloudTest. Note: Now you have two browser windows, one with Microsoft Azure and another with CloudTest.
  2. Select Central > Cloud Provider Accounts, and click New to launch the Cloud Provider Account dialog box.
  3. Select Azure Resource Manager (ARM) in the Type field, and then click the redirect URL (grey background) to copy it. As noted above, you should use an reserved IP for your CloudTest instance so that the URL does not change.
  4. Switch your browser to Microsoft Azure and paste the URL in the Redirect URI field. Click Create at the bottom of the screen to continue.
  5. Select your new application from the list. This will open up a panel to the right. If the Settings panel does not also open, click on the All Settings -> link as shown below. Click on Required permissions on the Settings Panel.
  6. Select + Add at the top of the Required permissions panel, and then 1 Select an API. Click the Windows Azure Service Management API and click on Select at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Check Delegated Permissions which will also check the appropriate box below and click on Select at the bottom of the screen. Click on Done at the bottom of the screen and close the Settings panel.

  8. Copy the Application ID from the Registered app panel.
    • Switch your browser to CloudTest.
    • Paste into the Client ID field in the Cloud Provider Account.
    • Find your subscription. You can go to and in the bottom left of your screen, click the Settings button, then grab the Subscription ID you want to use. Paste into the Subscription ID field in the CPA
  9. Switch back to Microsoft Azure, close the Registered app panel and choose Endpoints at the top of the screen
  10. Copy OAuth 2.0 Token endpoint located at the bottom. Then:
      • Switch your browser to CloudTest.
      • Paste the end point into their appropriate boxes in the Cloud Provider Account creation window.
      • Do the same with the Oauth 2.0 Authorization endpoint
      • Ensure you completed the Cloud Provider Account creation screen by giving it a name and checking the box Can launch grids. Add permissions, as appropriate
      • Click the Authorize button. This will create a pop up window, so be sure you can accept that, and it may ask you to accept the change.
  11. Click OK.

What you should see

Note: This will retrieve an Azure access token, so that CloudTest may launch servers on your behalf. Should your token ever get revoked by Azure, or expire, you will need to return to the “Cloud Provider Account” creation window screen, and re-authorize your client.