Reporting Results using Apache Ant

  • Set the "format" attribute to "junitxml" in order to create reports using any tool capable of reading JUnit output. For example, the JUnitReport task that comes with Ant.

The example on the right will produce a file called " cloudtestresults/My tests/Composition 1.xml ".

<property name="cloudtest.out" location="cloudtestresults" /> <play type="composition" name="/My tests/Composition 1" url="${cloudtest.url}" username="${cloudtest.username}" password="${cloudtest.password}" waitforcompletion="true" failureproperty="cloudtest.failure" format="junitxml" dir="${cloudtest.out}" />

  • A subsequent HTML report can be created using this example (shown right).

<junitreport todir="cloudtestreports"> <fileset dir="${cloudtest.out}"> <include name="**/*.xml"/> </fileset> <report format="frames" todir="cloudtestreports/html"/> </junitreport>