Checking the status

How to

To check the status of the Monitor Service from the command line, use the status command with the parameter service=monitor. For example:

What you should see

scommand cmd=status url= http://myserver/concerto username=bob password=secret service=monitor

SCommand will output the list of currently running Monitors. For example:

Monitor status: =============== Running monitors: -------------------- Instance ID: 7781-c1ea3960c1ee041b:5e03cfcf:11929ca1f8e:-7ff4, monitor: /Monitoring Linux, step 2, started at: 4/7/08 11:34 AM Instance ID: 7781-c1ea3960c1ee041b:5e03cfcf:11929ca1f8e:-7ff3, monitor: /Monitoring JBoss, step 2, started at: 4/7/08 11:40 AM

The instance IDs can be used to stop a Monitor from the command line (Refer to Starting and Stopping a Monitor).

Alternatively, the output can be formatted as XML, using the format=xml parameter.

Finally, the output can be written to a file, using the file=[name] parameter (e.g. file=status.txt ).