Dragging/Clicking from Clip Builder

Add a message/action against a specific target and an operation/action by using the Test Clip Builder in the lower panel of the CloudTest Clip Editor.

Verify that the Messages/Action tab is selected in the tab row of the lower panel.

Find the target that you want to build your test clip against. Double click the target to push it from the Available Targets list to the Included Targets list.

Optionally, set scope for the targets that will be included in this test clip. Targets are a special case, they can only be public or local; they cannot be private, because targets need to be accessed by the messages or browser actions in the test clip.

The operations/actions of that target will then be displayed in the Operations/Actions list on the far right.

Find the operation/action that you want to use and either double click to add it to the test clip after the currently selected clip element, or grab it from the list and drag it upwards and drop the operation/action at any location in the test clip.