Defining Repeats on Test Clips

Repeat count can be set on the surface of test clips in the Composition Editor using the Repeat Count toggle button. When you do so repeats will cycle through the options: None, Repeat By (Serial), and Infinite, which appears as [infinite] on the clip surface.

For Repeat By repeats, click the button on the test clip and then specify a value in the text field that appears, and then click again outside the repeats area to exit the toggle. Repeats set on the surface of either tracks or test clips are "Repeat By" repeats without a property value. To specify a "Repeat By" value conditionally, use Repeat By.

Additionally, repeat count can be set for the test clip using Composition Editor properties. Select the test clip whose repeat count you want to change by single-clicking it. Select the Properties tab in the lower panel of the Composition Editor. You will then see the Repeat Count field. Update the values and click Enter to make the changes.