PropertyList Object

The PropertyList object provides access to all of the Custom Properties contained within an item in the Composition.

PropertyList Properties

All of the PropertyList properties are read-only.
  • name (string)

Always null.

  • parent (object)

The object whose properties are being accessed.
  • propertyNames (array of strings)

An array of all of the Custom Property names in the item. Can be null if the item has no Custom Properties.
  • type (string)

The string "PropertyList".
  • children (array of objects)

Always null.
PropertyList Methods
getChild Method

Always returns null.

object getChild(string childName)

Creates a new Custom Property within the item, with the specified name.

void createProperty(string newPropertyName)

Returns the current value of the specified Custom Property. Can return null.

var getPropertyValue(string propertyName)

Sets a new value into the specified Custom Property. The value can be set to null.

void setPropertyValue(string propertyName, var newValue)