Additional Chart Widget Options

For charts, General options also include the selection of a Theme for a widget. Selecting a theme selects the colors that will be used in the chart series. Selecting a radio button for a given theme makes the first color in that row the first color in the series. Click a color tile in any theme row to begin the series (of charts) with that color instead. The series will cycle through the remaining colors.

The selected color (e.g. yellow tile from the Spectrum) is assigned to the top-most subordinate chart that was listed first in the Widget(s) tree view and the Widget Order list (in the Edit Widget panel). The selection is the one that's "closest" to the user on the chart. Clicking the third tile in the Spectrum row will result in the chart colors shown on the right.

The default is for no vertical lines to display.

Checking the Show X axis grid lines checkbox turns on vertical grid lines for the widget.