Setting the Timing of a Test Clip

Before inserting clip elements into a test clip, the timing type can be set from the lower panel of the CloudTest Test Clip Editor. Click on Properties in the lower panel. Click on Clip Properties in the Property Type panel. You will then be able to change the test clip timing type from the drop down menu. Options are Sequenced , Manually timed , and Evenly timed .

  • Sequenced – Each clip element is executed immediately after the preceding clip element is finished.
  • Manually timed – Each clip element is executed at the time specified in the CloudTest Clip Editor.
  • Evenly timed – Each clip element is executed with the same interval between them. Stretching/shrinking the test clip in the test composition will affect the interval.

Note: Clip timing can be changed for existing clips by clicking Change in the Clip Properties sub-panel. In some cases, clip elements such as non-chained delays will be lost when the timing of existing clips is altered.

For an existing test clip, the timing can also be changed using the Change Timing Type command on the Etc. (...) button menu in the Clip Editor. The picture on the right shows this drop-down menu when no clip elements are selected. If clip element(s) are selected more commands will appear (Change Timing Type will be at the bottom).

Whenever the Change Timing Type command is invoked or Change is clicked for timing type, the Change Timing Type dialog box appears. Click the new selection and click OK to change timing or click Cancel to leave test clip timing the same.