Results Databases

Result Databases provide the ability to store results in the cloud. This precludes the need to write results “down” from a cloud-based grid to the appliance. Results can be exported for later appliance use, when necessary.

In CloudTest Pro configurations, an additional Result Databases node appears in Central > Server Resources.

Result databases can be created, defined, and then deployed to mounted volumes in the cloud.

The creation of a second results database in CloudTest Pro will result in additional fields for user selection in the Monitors dialog box, in the Composition Editor, and in Grid Manager.

When Central > Server Resources > Result Databases is selected, the Result Databases list shows all currently configured CloudTest Result Databases—both local and in the cloud.

For CloudTest pro end-users, a Result Database can be specified both in the Composition Editor > Properties > Play Settings tab and during Monitor configuration.

The following Result Database columns are listed: Name, Server, Location (if any), Volume (Local or the mounted volume specified in the Result Database Configuration dialog), Last Launched (the date this was result database was last deployed), Last Stopped, and Default (the default database gets a green check mark).