EOF Action

How to

the EOF Actions specifies what to do if any server reaches the end of it¢s slice of seed data during play of the Composition. Since data is consumed “on demand” rather than statically, Maestro is able to detect the end of data and provide optional actions to take. End of data actions are defined via the custom properties tab Advanced section at whichever level is in use.

What you should see

The possible EOF actions for the given custom property are:

  • Wrap – The server will start over at the beginning of its slice of seed data.
  • Null – The values of the Custom Properties will be set to nulls. If according to the settings the property value is to be an array, it will be set to an array of nulls of the appropriate dimension and size.
  • Error – The item containing the Custom Property will fail. Error handling will proceed according to the regular "Failure action" settings of the item, it¢s parents, and the Composition.
  • Stop Track and Drain – The current instance of the item¢s parent Track on the current server (and everything in it) is stopped. No new repeats or parallel repeat renewals will occur for that Track on this server. Other instances of the Track on this server that already exist will continue to their normal end, but no new instances will be started on this server. In other words, if using the recommended approach of having each Track represent a "Virtual User", and if using "Parallel Repeat Renewal" to cause each Virtual User to be automatically replaced when it ends, then this setting will cause no new Virtual Users to be created on this server when its seed data runs out.
  • Stop Composition – The entire Composition (on all servers) will be stopped immediately (as if the "Stop" button had been pressed).

If multiple Custom Properties refer to the same seed data source, each such reference can have it's own EOF Action, they do not all need to be the same.