Changing Grid Settings

  1. Click Deploy Instances when ready. A spinner will appear while the default monitor is starting and stops when that phase is complete.When the Grid Manager is in the deployment state, the Proceed with X of X servers button is active (shown below). Use this button in any case where all of the requested servers have not yet been allocated (e.g. during the middle of the allocation process), or most especially, in cases where allocation is hung or delayed for any reason.

  2. Clicking Proceed with X of X while it's active displays these subsequent options:

  • Terminate Pending – Choose this option to terminate the remainder of the server allocation tasks. When you do so, the Proceed window disappears and the grid is ready to be used with the number of servers indicated by the Proceed button (i.e. 4 of 11, etc.)
  • Keep Allocating Pending – Choose this option to resume the server allocation for the remaining servers.

If Proceed was clicked, and then Terminate Pending, the Proceed window will go away. Then the following behavior will occur:

How to

  1. Any already-allocated servers will “proceed” through the usual grid process, including server-health checking.
  2. Any servers that were still pending will be terminated.

What you should see

The Grid Ready icon will display only once (i) and (ii) are complete.

The Stopped icon will display whenever all of the requested servers failed to be allocated or if the Stop Deploying button is clicked.

When grid use is complete, click the Tear Down Instances button. When you do so, the grid indicates progress in the status area of the Journal tab.