General Widget Options

All widgets have the following fields:

  • Title—An editable text title
  • Show Title bar checkbox—Uncheck this box to hide display of the chart's title bar
  • Color—Select from among basic colors by clicking one to apply it to the widget's title bar
  • Custom color field—Enter a hexadecimal code for a custom color in the text field below Color
  • Height—Pick among radio buttons for Default, Custom (specified in pixels, and Use Remaining Space (stretches the widget to available space in the dashboard) options
  • Linked Dashboard—When a "linked dashboard" is selected, then a link is put into the title bar for that widget. Then, when the widget appears in the dashboard that link can be clicked to display the specified dashboard. This feature can be used to "drill down" by having the linked dashboard be related to the widget that had the link. For example, one might place a link onto the Error chart widget in the Load Summary dashboard to quickly be able to bring up the Error Dashboard which contains Error Analysis, Errors by Type, etc.

Widgets with special settings display them in the Contained Widget(s) node. For example, the non-chart Fundamentals Widget’s (shown below) Includes such settings, which appear when Contained Widgets, Fundamentals is selected.

The Save As option (lower far right) allows the combined (or any) widget to be saved and used in other dashboards. Clicking Save As… launches the Create a New Widget Type dialog box. The saved widget will be shown in the same category as the "saved" widget.

For widget specific filtering instructions for dashboards and widgets, refer to Filtering Dashboards and Widgets.