Specify a Result for an External Data Chart or Dashboard

One or more widgets must be added to a dashboard for the following steps to work.

How to

  1. Open the dashboard either from Central > Dashboards, or, from the Composition Editor > Play tab.
  2. Toggle on the Widget Selection Panel.
  3. Click to expand the Dashboard Data section to specify a result for the entire dashboard.In cases where “No Data” appears on one or more widgets, no information is available based on either the result selection or a time range controller. No Data also appears when the selected composition is playing but has not yet posted results.
  4. Optionally, click to expand Widget Data to apply a result to a selected widget.When applying a result to a widget, first select that widget to display the blue selection border. Click a second time to de-select a widget. When no widgets are selected, the result selection applies to the entire dashboard.
    Note: For dashboards associated with a test composition, “No Result Selected” also displays when “Most recent from this composition” is selected and the composition is playing.
  5. Once result selection is successful, any data is charted.