Adding Flex Recording Capability

To enable recording through CloudTest's browser recorder extension, a record function is added to each event handler or component function that corresponds to an action in the test. For this example, we will record changes to the comboBox, clicks on the button, and changes to the text input.

How to

  1. First, we add this function to the action script that calls out to JavaScript in the HTML page to record the event.
  2. Next, add the recordFlexAction JavaScript to the html page
  3. Next, add calls to jsRecordFlexAction in each of the component event handlers in the MXML file.

What you should see

When you do so, the CloudTest recorder extension will record flexActions when the user changes the comboBox value, click the button or types text into the text input.

You can review the code or download the entire archive, including the compiled .SWF file.