How do I limit response size in a large Test Composition?

In larger tests where the size of message body responses is prohibitive, you can use HTTP.MaxReceiveContentLength at the Server, Target, or Message level.

This setting limits the maximum number of bytes of an HTTP "message body" that will be received. Bytes past this amount will be received and counted, but then discarded. A negative value means no limit.

Users can set HTTP.MaxReceiveContentLength at the following places in CloudTest:

  1. An Administrator can make server settings in the Central list > Server List settings for the server. These settings effect all Compositions played on that server.

  1. In a Target, which will affect all Messages that use that Target.
A setting made in (2) Target overrides any setting made in (1) Server List.

  1. In an individual Message, which will affect only that individual Message.
    1. To do so, select the message to edit in the Clip Editor and double-click to open the message detail in the lower pane.
    2. Select the top level in the sub-pane (for example, Message 1).
    3. Make the necessary changes in the MaxReceiveContentLength field in the General properties tab on the right.
A setting made in (3) Message overrides any setting made in (2) Target or (1) Server List.

Note: The integer –1 does not work in CloudTest—except when used in (1) Server List. The integer -1 should not be used in (2) or (3).