Pause a Test Composition via Player Status – Compositions

The Central > Player Status > Compositions page now includes a Pause button in the player control as well. Click the Pause button on the Player Control. All message sends will be paused until resumed.

When a composition is paused, the Player Status – Compositions log also indicates that state.

A playlist is a list of Test Compositions that can be played either sequentially or simultaneously. Playlists serve the same purpose as playlists in digital music applications. The playlists can be found at the bottom of the Central list. You can add one or more compositions to the playlist. The playlist, like any other object in CloudTest can be called from a script.

When a playlist is selected, click the Play button on the toolbar to play all of its contents. The playlist fires in the order of the items listed within it. The runtime progress of the playlist can be checked in the Central > Player status. As with completed results, the test is evaluated in terms of success or failure.