Configuring WMI/DCOM in Windows Server 2008

Use the following steps to configure WMI/DCOM in Windows Server 2008 for use with CloudTest.

How to

  1. On the Windows Server 2008 desktop, open the Windows Firewall Settings dialog box to the Exceptions tab and check the following <em>exceptions</em>:
    • COM+ Network Access
    • Remote Administration

    Note: Network Discovery was already checked in the user’s prior configuration. This setting is not required by CloudTest.
  2. Next, check the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) box.
  3. Download the CloudTest registry key.
  4. Insert the downloaded Registry Key to restrict RPC Dynamic Port allocation to a specific port range (must be at-least 100 ports). CloudTest uses port range 49157 to 49256. Users can select their own port range.
  5. Add the port range specified in previous step as an exception in the firewall. Use a loop (shown right) to insert a port range (as the firewall GUI does not allow adding port range).

What you should see

To Insert Port Range:

FOR /L %I IN (49157,1,49256) DO netsh firewall add portopening TCP %I "Dynamic RPC "%I

This opens ports 49157 to 49256, and names them 'Dynamic RPC'.

To Delete Port Range:

FOR /L %I IN (49157,1,49256) DO netsh firewall delete portopening TCP %I