Adding an External Data Chart to a Dashboard

Once configured, an External Data Source appears by name in dashboards via the Widget Selection Panel, Widget Type section. If an external data source has not been configured, refer to Creating an External Data Service.

How to

  1. Click Toggle Widget Panel Selection in the dashboard toolbar if the panel is not visible.
  2. Create a new dashboard (or open an existing dashboard) from Central > Dashboards, or, from the Composition Editor > Play tab. Expand the Widget Type list.TIP: Once a widget from an external data source is in a dashboard, select it to also scroll to its location in the Widget Type list.

  3. Expand the named external data source and locate one or more widgets to add. The external data reflects the same structure found in Introscope for the given user’s credentials.
  4. Select the widget to add and then drag and drop it into the desired position on the dashboard.

What you should see

The widget appears in position. For an existing dashboard or one associated with a test composition, an added widget inherits the result selection in effect for that dashboard.

  • If the dashboard already has a result selection or a time range controller, the widget will inherit them.
  • If there is no relevant information for the given selection, ““No Result Selected”” is shown.
  • If no selection exists, the prompt to “Select a result or specify a time range controller” appears.
  • Result selection persists between sessions and remains in effect the next time the user logs in.