Change Band Timing Type

Bands are the root object in the CloudTest Object Model and provide the underlying timing framework for all other test composition elements.

The default timing type for a new Band in a Composition is sequenced. In a sequenced band, each Clip in a Track completes before the next Clip starts. In the example shown, Clip 1 will execute. Then, Clip 2 will not start until Clip 1 is finished and any subsequent clip will not start until Clip 2 is finished. Only sequenced Clips can appear in a sequenced Band.

You can change the timing type of a band only before you have added test clips. To change the timing type, click the Band label at the top of the Composition Editor. The band label turns blue, along with the band itself (minus the track portion to the left), when selected.

With the Band label selected, choose ‘Change Timing Type’ from the Etc. menu.

In a time-based Band, Clips start according to the timeline of the Band. In the following example, Clip #1 starts at the beginning of the test, and Clip #2 will start 10 seconds into the test whether Clip #1 is finished or not.