Expression-text field

This is the expression to be executed.

It can be a simple expression, such as 10 + 20”. The reserved variable name result” is the result of the expression, thus result = 10 + 20;” would have the same effect.

The script can be a complete program if desired. For example, the following would yield the same result as the prior examples:

var a=10; var b=20; result=a+b;

The script has full access to any of the capabilities of a Transition. It can even modify properties or other portions of the Composition, as allowed in a Transition. Obviously this has the potential to be confusing if taken too far.

The result of the expression that is substituted is the value of either the variable named result” or the last expression (without a left side) or function call executed.

See the separate document on scripting for a full description of what can be done within a script.