What operating systems and servers can be monitored? What metrics are available?

CloudTest has integrated some of the key monitored metrics necessary to help identify primary bottlenecks in typical web applications. Here is a summary of the core metrics monitored by CloudTest:

Operating system and process information (Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X)

  • CPU Percentage Utilization
  • Disk IO Read/Write
  • Memory Usage
  • Network Receive/Send
  • Per process information (CPU, Disk, Memory, Network)
  • Process counts
  • Any Windows performance counter

Application servers (JBoss, Oracle OC4J, Tomcat, Resin)

  • Database connection pool size
  • Database connection pool usage
  • Database connections created
  • HTTP/HTTPS thread pool size
  • HTTP/HTTPS threads busy
  • J2EE servlet requests
  • Any numeric JMX attribute
  • JSP requests
  • JVM heap size
  • JVM heap usage
  • JVM thread count

Network devices

  • SNMP metrics

Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

  • Commits
  • Per catalog connections
  • Total connections
  • Rollbacks


  • Active Requests
  • Average database access time
  • Average request queue time
  • Average total request time
  • Database requests
  • Page timeouts
  • Pages served
  • Queued requests