Record and Convert an HDS session to a Clip

You must create a recording containing all the HDS functions that you wish to use, and then convert that recording to a clip.

How to

  1. Start your CloudTest Conductor.
  2. In the Central list, click HTTP(S) Recording and then click New to start a new recording of your HDS-based site.
  3. Open the HDS site in your web browser in a second window and then return to CloudTest to click Record.
  4. Perform any necessary actions in the second window necessary to capture the HDS messages.
  5. Apply any filtering (see Filtering Recordings) to the recording that you’d like and when ready, click Convert to a Clip. The Create a Test Clip from a Recording Wizard appears.The display of messages can be filtered so that only those messages that meet the specified criteria will display. This can be very useful in narrowing the set of messages to examine. The filter is available in the upper right hand corner.
  6. Enter a clip name and select a clip timing type (use Sequenced if you’re unsure) and then click Next. The Bursts and Think Times page appears.The Match Targets to Recording Messages page appears.
  7. Wait for the target(s) that you created in the previous set of steps to be auto-selected from the Available Targets list and placed into the Selected Targets list and then click Next.
  8. The Create Clip summary page appears. Review the settings and then click Next again to create the test clip. The test clip is created and the Summary page appears.

What you should see

In the Next Steps section, choose Go to the Clip Editor in order to inspect messages in the HDS-based test clip.