Viewing Widgets Side By Side

Sometimes it is helpful to place a chart into a separate browser window (or tab) so that it can be displayed in its full form, and in some cases, placed side by side with other widget charts for comparison purposes. This can be accomplished via the pop-out button in the Dashboard. When a chart is popped out, it will continue to receive live updates.

To pop-out a chart into a separate tab use the following steps:

How to

  1. Open the appropriate widget (test, monitor data, or multi-result comparison).
  2. Choose the widget to pop-out and then press its Pop-Out button in the upper right corner.
  3. The chart will display in a separate window or tab (depending on your browser).

What you should see

Repeat Step 2 to open the second widget. Use your mouse to resize these windows and then click to drag the title bars of each window into place.