Changing Message Timing (for Manually Timed Test Clips)

Message level timing can be set in Manually Timed Clips.

Manually-timed test clips can be created using Clip Properties. See Setting the Timing of a Test Clip. Note that clip timing can only only be set before inserting clip elements into a test clip.

The timing of clip elements in manually timed test clips can be changed in one of two ways.

You can drag and drop clip elements to change their order. The moved clip element will take on the offset halfway between its siblings.

The offset display of clip elements is an input box, and therefore editable.

  • Single click the offset of the clip element you want to change to put the cursor in the input box.
  • Type in the desired offset in seconds, and it will later automatically be formatted as HH:MM:SS.MS.

Whenever you create a new test clip, the default timing type is Sequenced. You can change the timing type before adding messages or browser actions by accessing the test clip's Clip Properties in the sub-pane.