Message-Level Property Paths and Property Sets

How to

  1. To review messages, click the Icon drop-down on the toolbar to switch to List view. Inserted property paths are displayed in the right column.
  2. To see a message’s detail, double-click to display it in the Message Editor.
  3. For regular expressions, string parsing, and XPath items, a Property Set is created at the message level.

What you should see

Session templates use Property Sets to store values for use in a subsequent message. Depending on the test clip these values can be inputs such as the text inside of a table cell, regular expressions, or even complex values such as the result of a JavaScript expression.

Whenever the lower panel “Selected: MessageName” tab is active, Property Sets can be viewed via the Property list, Property Sets node ().

When the top Property Sets node is selected, all of its children are displayed in the panel on the right.

Use the scroll bars to view the entire set, or select any item under Property Sets to view it. In the example above an Output Field was retrieved from an HTML (HTTP) response using XPath and then stored in a custom property by name with the test clip as Owner.