Permissions on Objects and Folders

Permissions can be set on selected objects and folders in the CloudTest repository. This requires that the current user is the owner of the given object.

How to

  1. To add persmissions to an object, open the Central list for the type and select the object you’d list to permission. For example, open a clip in the Clips list.
  2. With the object(s) selected, right-click and choose Permissions. This command also appears on the Etc. (…) menu.The Change Permissions dialog box appears.
  3. Check the Enable access restrictions box.
  4. Select a tenant or user from the Add selector.
  5. Click Add (repeat for as many tenants/users as necessary).
  6. For each tenant or user, check the boxes to grant Read, Write, or Use permission.
  7. Click OK to complete adding permissions to the selection.