Set a Global Property from a Clip Property

The following code takes the contents of a Test Clip custom property, such as scriptSessionID (see Extract a SessionID), and places it into a global property.

For this script to work, you must first:

  • Create a Global Property List called ScriptGuide (using Central > Global Property Lists)
  • Create a Global property in that list called GlobalSessionID
  • Create the Custom Property scriptSessionId within the given clip (clip properties are defined in the lower sub-panel of the Test Clip Editor).

How to

The first line sets a variable, clipPropValue, to the value of the custom property scriptSessionID, from within the current clip.

What you should see

var clipPropValue = $prop.value("MessageClip", "scriptSessionId");

The second line sets the global property, GlobalSessionId, in the global property list named ScriptGuide, to the value retrieved in the first line.