SCommand Syntax

To run SCommand on Windows, use the following syntax:

C:\> scommand\bin\scommand.bat [parameters]

To run SCommand on Mac OS X or Unix, use the following syntax:

$ scommand/bin/scommand [parameters]

SCommand is invoked by specifying the command type using the "cmd" parameter. A common mistake is forgetting to put "cmd=" before the command type. E.g.:

Incorrect: scommand delete

Correct: scommand cmd=delete

The "url", "username", and "password" parameters are always required. They should be set to the CloudTest URL, your CloudTest user name, and your CloudTest password. For example:

scommand url= http:// <CloudTest URL>/concerto username=bob password=secret

Here is a complete example, which will delete the Test Composition named "/My Comp":

scommand cmd=delete url= http:// <CloudTest URL>/concerto username=bob password=secret type=composition name="/My Comp"

It is not necessary to place the text after an "=" unless the following text includes one or more spaces, in which case it should be entered in quotations as shown in the composition name above, where,: name="/My Comp" .