Extended Error Logging

For additional logging information, the Extended Error logging option can be set for the Transport level in the Composition Editor's Composition Properties, Play Settings tab, Logging section.

When Extended Error is set for Transport logging, the message(s) sent and the message(s) received will be captured if the message has an error or does not pass validations that are set. For messages that have no error, the effect will be to not log anything. Setting Extended Error logging on the Transport Level affects logging for all the messages in the test composition.

Extended Error logging is useful for load tests, as well as for large functional tests where the detailed Verbose logging of successful messages is not necessary but additional error information is desired.

Note: Extended Error is designed to be used in Load mode, although it will consume at least some additional server resources, depending upon how many errors are logged. The Save Clip Element Details and Save Composition Element Details options, while making the information conveniently available in the Result Details dashboard widget, add significant overhead. Therefore, Akamai recommends unchecking those two options (as shown below) when using Extended Error, even though it means that the Extended Error information is then only available in the Event Log dashboard widget. The larger the Load test, the more crucial unchecking those two fields becomes.

Setting Extended Error Logging at the Transport Level

  1. Open the composition in the Composition Editor, and then click the Properties tab on the lower left.
  2. Click the Composition node in the Properties list.

  1. In the Play Settings tab, check Edit Advanced Settings.
  2. Uncheck Save Clip Element Details, Save Composition Element Details, or both, depending on the type of test and its size.

Typically, clip element and composition element details are unchecked while using Extended Error logging. Output will be shown in the Result Details widget if the Save Clip Element Details and Save Composition Element Details checkboxes remain checked, and only in the Event Log widget if unchecked.

  1. With Edit Advanced Settings checked, scroll down the Logging section (lower right) to reveal the Transport logging setting.
  2. Click the Transport drop-down and selected Extended Error.

How to

Optionally, set an Event Count limit.

What you should see

The Event Count Limit setting will limit the total number of events (NOT just error events, but all events) that can be logged into the Event Log.

For example, an integer between 1,000 to 20,000 is a reasonable range. An upper limit of 20,000 will prevent too many error events if the test generates billions of errors, while a lower limit of 1,000 will capture enough data to be helpful.

Note: The Extended Error setting currently only has meaning at the “Transport” level and is the same as "Error" at all other levels.

The example screenshot below shows an error detail.

Here is the same error with “Extended Error” set: