Introduction to Test Results

CloudTest presents test results within the Composition Editor > Play and > Results tabs.

  • The Play tab displays current results for the last or actively playing composition. The Play tab also provides buttons for creating dashboards, widgets, and to print the latest result for the test composition.
  • The Results tab shows all completed results.

Test results can also be opened from the CloudTest Central > Results list or from the Central > Compositions list by expanding the arrow for a given test composition in the list and double-clicking one of its results. Multi-result comparison dashboards can be opened by selecting more than one result and then right-clicking to choose Compare in a Dashboard.

New results begin to appear in the Composition Editor > Play tab immediately after click Play is clicked (from either the Edit or Play tabs). Once the test begins to play, CloudTest switches to the Play tab for runtime results and once the composition play completes final results are presented in the Results tab.

Results can be selected for comparison by clicking the Toggle Widget Selection Panel button and then using selection in either the Dashboard Data or Widget Data sections to apply to the dashboard or to a selected widget (in the case of the Widget Data section).

See Creating a New Dashboard and Changing Widgets and Dashboards for more information about configuring the widgets and charts associated with your test.