Auto Create a Custom Property from an HTTP Response

Extraction can be performed on any HTTP header, such as the Content-Type header using the following steps. For example, to show metrics about content within a given test. For HTTP response headers, it is not necessary to add anything to the target as was done in the Akamai example. This is because the Content-Type header is typically already automatically present in any HTTP response.

How to

  1. To add a property set, select the Property Sets node and click the Plus icon to add a new Property Sets form to the message.Note: This can be performed in either the Target Editor for a given operation (e.g. "get" or any other operation listed in the given target) or in the Clip Editor at the message level within the lower panel Message Editor). Note that target-level property sets will propagate for all messages based on the given target while message-level property sets are restricted to the one message).
  2. Change “The value of this field” from the default Field to Header.
  3. Enter the HTTP response header name whose value you want to extract. For example, Content-Type.
  4. In the “Will be stored in this property” section of the form, ensure that Type is set to Custom.
  5. Change Starting Element to “CurrentMessage”.
  6. Enter a property path as a name for the custom property. This name will appear as a node in Property Value widgets with the response values shown. For example, Content-Type.
  7. For this example, set the Starting Element to Current Message so that analytics are created for each message.
  8. In the Automatic Creation drop-down, select “Create and save value in analytics.”
  9. Save the target after making these changes.

What you should see