Note: As of CloudTest version 58.09, the only authentication workflow supported is Azure Service Principal Authentication. Please see section

Using Azure Service Principal Authentication.

How to

  1. Ensure you have access to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and you are at least a co-administrator on the Microsoft Azure subscription.
  2. It is highly recommended you deploy your CloudTest instance using a reserved IP address. If your CloudTest environment IP address changes, you will need to adjust the redirect URI by following steps 1-4 (under To add new application in Microsoft Azure). However, this time you will select your cloudtest app, then change the IP address of the redirect URI to your current CloudTest instance.
  3. Request the following from Microsoft Azure Tech Support:
    • Additional CPU cores for Azure Resource Manager ("Classic Compute" core quota not applicable). Specifcally, CloudTest Load Generation servers will use two cores for the common large server, and four cores for the extra large variety (this quota is per each region).
    • Additional Public IP addresses. One for each Load Generator/Results server you plan to deploy.