Database Target Type

To use Direct to Database Testing in a test composition, you must first have a Database target. During target definition, you will need to provide the following required parameters:
Note: The Database target type was introduced with the CloudTest 47 release (Build 6656.7). As noted above, this feature requires enablement by your Akamai representative.
  • Database URL — The JDBC database URL for connecting to the database
  • User Name — The Database user name to connect
  • Password — The Database password to connect
The following optional parameters may also be provided within your target definition:
  • Using SSL — Check this box during target creation (or while editing an existing target) if Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) should be used to connect
  • Connection Timeout — Specify a database connection timeout in seconds (minimum 1, maximum 65535, default 15)
  • Execution Timeout — Specify a SQL statement execution timeout in seconds (minimum 1, maximum 65535, default 60)