CloudTest Appliance Administration (ctadmin)

CloudTest Lite includes the CloudTest Appliance Administration, or "Admin console" for short, for the convenience of CloudTest Lite users who may need to modify some environment-specific settings.

Specifically – if the CloudTest Lite instance needs a static IP to connect to its network, you can log in to the Admin console on their CloudTest Lite instance (i.e. in VMWare, etc.) and assign that static IP to the instance.

Additionally, CloudTest Lite users are automatically logged in as the CloudTest Administrator on the CloudTest Lite virtual machine, which provides CloudTest Lite users the ability to modify various additional settings for the installation.

Whenever you launch your CloudTest Lite instance in your virtual machine software (e.g. VMWare), the server splash screen will indicate both the CloudTest URL and the Admin CloudTest URL (shown above). Open your browser to the specified URL and enter the port (8080 for CloudTest Lite and 10000 for the Admin console).