Export and Import CloudTest Objects

Export and Import commands are available whenever one or more items is selected in a list. When you choose Export, the Export dialog box appears with two checkboxes in display. Exported objects are written to the CloudTest XML definition format, which can be imported (by other CloudTest users, for example) using the Etc. menu > Import command.

  • Also export the objects that this object uses

This box should be checked whenever an object for export has dependencies on other objects.

  • Use a zip file (for faster download times)

Users exporting objects for incorporation into a Source Code Management repository for use with the CloudTest Jenkins Plugin's Import CloudTest Objects command should export using XML.

Download the export file as a ZIP archive for faster download and more compact storage.

The Change Indicator (upper right) uses a single spinner, with drop-down details. This button is active in the Composition Editor and Recording editors.

When a test composition is played, loaded, unloaded, previewed, closing, stopped, or completes, the Change Indicator provides visual confirmation.

Pop-up status about active recordings, loading and unloading compositions, and passed or failed test composition is posted and drop-down links are presented when error messages occur.