Rename Axis Titles for Time Series Charts

In some cases in prior releases, if duplicate series names occurred in Combined Time Series charts, then the Axis Title(s) that appeared in the chart's Legend would be the same or would provide no useful context. For example, in a Combined widget whose contained widget's both used the Left axis, in releases prior to CloudTest 47, the chart would show the same default axis title.

Use the following steps to edit the Axis Title for a time series chart (in CloudTest 47 or later).

How to

  1. Toggle Dashboard Edit mode to open the Edit Panel.
  2. Select the Combined time series chart whose Axis Title you'd like to edit.
  3. In the Edit Panel list, select the first Contained widget by its name.For example, in the Combined widget below, two Median Load Over Time widgets—each filtered by a different metric—are combined; Page Load (blue) and the other by DNS Resolution (green).
  4. Enter the new name(s) into the Axis Title box. For this example, we will use the metrics to distinguish them so we will enter both titles.
    Note: You can also revise the Axis Title for single (non-combined) time series charts.
  5. Click Apply and OK to exist the Edit Panel after making any changes.