Updating a CloudTest or CloudTest Lite Build

How to

  1. Click the Change Indicator’s Details link to launch the About dialog box with the new Updates tab in display.The current build is clearly identified and the available update builds are categorized below as either patchsets of the current build or major releases.
  2. Select the desired build by clicking its radio button.
  3. Then, click the Update to Selected Release button on the lower right of the tab.Once Update to Selected Release is clicked a modal option displays to either update to the selected build or not. During updates, the CloudTest user interface will be unavailable.
  4. Click Yes, begin update once ready. Choose No to abandon the update.

What you should see

If Yes, begin update is confirmed the update begins and progress is indicated in the Update tab.

When the process is complete, CloudTest indicates that the App Server is being restarted.

Once the server is restarted, the Login screen reappears and the user may proceed using the update version.