User-Defined Validations for Messages

CloudTest provides the ability to create custom user-defined validations per message via the Message Editor in the Clip Editor lower panel.

The validation form takes some of its initial information from the given message in order to suggest some possibilities. This capability is additional to the longstanding built-in validations provided by CloudTest.

How to

  1. To configure a validation, first select and then double-click to open the message whose response you’d like to validate in the lower panel.
  2. In the Selected: <Message Name> tab that results from Step 1, select the Validations node in the list below.
  3. The Validation form appears on the right. Click the green arrow to add a user-defined validation to the node.The New Validation item is added to the list on the left and the form appears on the right.
  4. Select the New Validation item in the list.
  5. In the This validation field select from among:
    • Validates a portion of the response body
    • Validates a portion of the response header
    • Executes the following script
    • Executes an Existing Script

What you should see

Depending on the selection made here, the remainder of the form changes accordingly. Refer to the following sections depending on the option selected here.