Setting the Collection Type and/or Collection Name Filter

CloudTest also provides the ability to filter results at either the dashboard, and in some cases at the widget level, by a given Collection Name. This feature is in addition to being able to filter by any Collection Type.

  1. Open the dashboard to filter by Collection Name, or select a specific collection widget to filter. Collection Name appears as a filter attribute in many widgets (including Result Details, Collection Analysis, and all of the collection widgets).
  2. Invoke the Dashboard Edit Panel by clicking Dashboard Toggle Edit Mode button.
  3. Leave the Dashboard node selected in the edit panel selected if the filter will apply to the entire dashboard. Otherwise, select the widget node in the list on the left of the panel.

  4. With either the Dashboard or Widget node selected in the Edit Panel list on the left, click the Filter tab.
  5. Click the Attribute drop-down and select Collection Name. If Collection Name doesn’t appear the current selection cannot be filtered by that attribute.

  6. In the Operator field, choose from either In or Not In.
    • Use “In” to filter only those results in the specified container(s).
    • Use “Not In” to exclude the specified container(s).
    • To filter by more than one Collection Name, click the green Plus icon to add a new row then repeat the steps above for that row.

  7. Click the Value field. An additional drop-down appears with the available collection types in display. Choose the collection type, and the available collection names are then populated. For example, selecting Transactions displays a list of the transactions in this result by name.TIP: Use the OS-specific method for selecting a range of names or for selecting names out of order. Long lists can be filtered by entering a string in the Search field above collection type.

  8. Click the Apply button (in the Collection Name drop-down) to confirm the selection. The filter value is added.

If multiple names were selected, they are shown alphabetically and comma-separated in the Value field. For example, the filter below lists selected by name using the method above.

How to

Click the Apply button on the far-right of the Edit Panel to complete the filter.

What you should see