Network Emulation Upstream/Downstream Parameters

There are five sets of network emulation parameters for downstream and upstream.

  • Latency is the delay of network traffic.
    • Jitter is an optional parameter providing a delay variation with a correlation.
    • Distribution is the delay distribution model. Select a uniform, normal, pareto, or paretonormal distribution.
      • Uniform: Symmetrical and equal probability of distributions.
      • Normal: Continuous probability distribution that closely represents real-valued variables.
      • Pareto: Heavy-tailed and often skewed distribution.
      • Pareto Normal: Combination of both pareto and normal distributions with 75% pareto and 25% normal distribution.
  • Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer (select a unit of measure). Bandwidth availability depends on your physical network.
  • Packet loss adds an independent loss probability to your network emulation. Optionally, add a correlation to packet loss.
  • Corrupt helps emulate random errors. Optionally, add a correlation to the corrupt option.
  • Duplicate packets can be emulated with an optional correlation.