Setting Collection Custom Properties

Collection Custom Properties are set in the Clip Editor via the <Selected> > Custom Properties tab.

For pages, this tab appears to the right of the Resource Settings tab. For all other collections, this tab appears to the right of the General and Repeat tabs.

How to

  1. Click the plus (+) sign to add and define the property and its value as shown on the right.
  2. As shown on the right, the pageProp (or some other collection type-based name) is added. Change the property name to the desired name.
  3. In the Value type drop-down, choose from among the following:
    • Accept the Constant value
    • Choose Seed Data Repository and then specify the seed data object to use.
    • Choose Seed Data URL and then specify the URL of the CSV to use.
    • Choose Generated Value and then define a value.

What you should see