Defining Separate Slice Distribution

To cause every instance of a property to get a random value, then set “Server allocation” to “Separate slices of the seed data will be sent to each server” in order to cause different sets (slices) of the data to be sent to each server. Each server then selects randomly from within its slice.

For example, for a Composition that plays on 5 servers with the option Separate slices of the seed data will be sent to each server, if the “Maximum rows per server” is specified as 1,000, then if there are at least 5,000 rows in the source then 1,000 rows of seed data will be distributed to each server. However, if the source only contains 600 rows, then only 120 rows would be distributed to each server (600/5). If there are not enough rows of seed data to distribute at least one row to each server, the load will fail.

The same single slice of seed data will be sent to all servers” is

Choose this to single slice data that is then sent to all servers, and each server will be using the same seed data.

For example, with this setting all 5 servers would share the same single set of seed data (either 5,000 or 600 rows in the above examples).