Using Browser Recording

How to

  1. Choose Record Browser (new window) and then enter the starting URL.
  2. Click Record to proceed with your recording in a new window.When you do so, the target URL opens in a new Firefox window and the Record button turns red to indicate that recording is underway.Note: If the URL entered is already in an underlying target, then that underlying target is used. Otherwise, a new WebUI target is created.
  3. Perform the planned browser actions in the new window. Actions are added to the Clip Editor as you go.
  4. Click the Record button a second time (in the original window Clip Editor tab) to stop recording.
  5. Click Save on the Clip Editor toolbar and use the Save Test Clip box to enter a name for it.

What you should see

Refer to Editing a Browser Action for next steps in editing the actions in your clip.