Setup QingCloud as a Cloud Provider

Use the following steps to enter your valid QingCloud credentials as a CloudTest Pro Cloud Provider Account

How to

  1. Select Central > Cloud Provider Accounts and then click New to launch the Cloud Provider Account dialog box
  2. Enter a name for the new cloud provider account. This name is used in locations and also appears in the Cloud Provider Account drop-down in the Grid Manager
  3. Change the Type drop-down to QingCloud”.
  4. Enter the QingCloud Access Key ID
  5. Enter the Secret Access Key and then enter it in the Confirm Secret Access Key field a second time.
  6. Optionally, configure an access control list in the Cloud Provider Account box in CloudTest. Refer to Cloud Provider Accounts for additional Access Control List steps.
  7. Click OK to complete configuration of this Cloud Provider Account

What you should see

The completed item appears in the Cloud Provider Accounts list in Central

When the Cloud Provider Account is saved, a new set of locations for QingCloud will be automatically created, if they do not already exist.

These locations must be specified during Grid Manager configuration of grids (as described below)

TFor more information about Locations, refer to Using Locations

Additionally, CloudTest creates all of the Server Classes supported by the QingCloud vendor.