Results Created with CloudTest 57 or Below

Note: Percentiles are calculated with an algorithm that determines the percentile based on an assumption of a normal distribution of data. Data that is "non-normal," or a small sample size, will not accurately calculate percentiles.

For percentile charts, use the slider to select from among the possible percentile values or enter a Z-value to use. Selecting a new percentile will result in a reset to the default Z-value and vice versa. For Top N charts that show the percentile in use in the title bar, this value will change with the selection.

To display settings for percentile or any other charts, click the Toggle Edit Mode button on the dashboard toolbar while a given chart is selected (or select the chart while in Edit Mode). Once the Edit Panel is visible, select the chart by name or select its Settings node.

Standard deviation charts include the same chart settings as other collection-based charts, with the option to include Stopped Collections or Failed Collections (shown above as selected), which are not included by default.